Commercial Portfolio

Excel Refrigeration & Air Conditioning have provided custom solutions for a wide range of challenging projects throughout Wellington for over 25 years. 

Environmently Controlled

We have recently completed a project that required very close temperature control in a small room with high heat loads. The specification also called for the room to be draught free. This was a challenge in such a small room however this was achieved by using special air diffusers. We used Temperzone digital type controlled out door units to provide the close control required and still keep within the client's budget. Temperzone built a custom air handler that had to be disassembled on site to be installed in the ceiling.

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Chilled Water Plant

This project involved adding chilled water cooling into existing hot water heated air handler units. The water chiller had to be purpose built to fit into the existing plant room. The final job worked very well in providing cooling to an existing tempered air system.

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Butcher Shop Cooling

Our customers requirement was for his shop to be maintained at 16 degrees C.  The warm shop was reducing the product life.

We have installed a Toshiba twin head inverter split system that has solved this in a simple and cost effective way.

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